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Thailand aims to become a major player on the Southeast Asian music scene, attracting world-renowned artists.

Posted by Gates Asia on March 5, 2024

After organizing several events with international artists, and following the latest news about Taylor Swift’s concerts in Asia, Thailand decided to go ahead and meet with producers from the biggest record companies to discuss the conditions and terms for organizing professional concerts in Thailand.

The aim of these meetings is to make it easier for the organizers to run this type of event, and to improve the quality of performance to guarantee the spectator a successful show.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has said that he wants to follow the example of Singapore and its exclusivity with artist Taylor Swift in Southeast Asia.

Thailand is therefore trying to be ready, particularly in terms of infrastructure, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport to facilitate the movement of spectators during these events, as well as seeking private funding for a large-scale indoor concert hall that would attract many new shows.

Organizers are keen to understand the mechanics of this type of event in order to maximize investment. However, the economic spin-offs are very significant, as demonstrated by the international concert period in Thailand this year, where daily arrivals soared to 140,000 per day, compared with an average of 100,000 per day.

Thailand offers many destinations to visit before or after the concerts, and is keen to attract not only international artists, but also to promote local artists to their fans in their own regions.

The impact of this kind of event could also be felt in the Southeast Asian region, as fans are generally quality tourists who are willing to spend money to follow their artists, and don’t hesitate to fly to neighboring countries.

Thailand already enjoys a good reputation as a tourist destination, so it wants to be fully prepared and organized, particularly in terms of public transport and logistics, to guarantee a quality service for the fans of these various artists.

In June 2024, BITEC plans to open a large-scale venue with over 5,000 seats in a 7,000 sq. m. area, which should already be a key player on the international scene.

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