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We specialize in offering a wide range of real estate services, including property buying, selling, building and leasing. Our extensive portfolio ensures that we can find the perfect property to match your lifestyle or investment goals.

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thailand,asia,invest or buy a villa thailand


Whether you’re looking for a villa to suit your new lifestyle, a vacation home or a rental investment, our team is committed to finding you a home that meets your expectations.


Our team of experts provides insightful investment advice, helping you to identify and capitalize on the most promising opportunities in Thailand’s growing economy – guaranteeing security and substantial returns on your investments. Through our business network, we find you exclusive investment opportunities to diversify your portfolio.

thailand,asia,invest or buy a villa thailand
thailand,asia,invest or buy a villa thailand

Land Acquisition

Specializing in land sales, we assist you in finding the perfect plot for your dream project, whether it’s for residential development or commercial use.


Discover lucrative investment opportunities in Thailand’s booming tourism sector. We seek out the best beachfront hotels in locations suited to your target market. Whether you’re starting from scratch or taking over an existing business to modernize and adapt it to your vision, our experts will provide you with information and strategies for a successful entry and establishment in the Thai market. We assist you throughout the process of business registration, legal compliance, renovation and set-up, ensuring a smooth start to your business.

thailand,asia,invest or buy a villa thailand


thailand,asia,invest or buy a villa thailand

Guaranteeing the reliability of our investors

Because human contact is our priority, we meet all our clients first, to discuss their project with them, so that we fully understand how we can help them. This ensures that every visit is a quality one.

We value total transparency.

We believe that teamwork increases the chances of success, so we want to be close to our owners to design the best sales strategy together.

Assistance throughout the process

We bring our experience of the real estate market to bear in advising you right up to the sale of your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Kingdom of Thailand, foreigners are allowed to own real estate properties such as houses or apartments but are restricted from owning land directly. However, there are alternative options available for foreigners interested in acquiring land or property.


One common option for land ownership, known as freehold ownership, involves registering a Thai Limited Company and purchasing land under the company’s name. This process is straightforward, widely adopted, and typically takes no more than one month to complete.


Another option worth considering is joint ownership of the property with a Thai spouse, provided there is a valid marriage certificate between the parties involved.


Additionally, individuals may choose to pursue a long-term lease, known as leasehold, which allows ownership under their personal name for an extended period. This option provides a secure and legal means of property possession for foreigners in Thailand.

Applying for a loan from a Thai bank is reserved for residents of the country; individuals holding tourist visas are ineligible for mortgages or loans in Thailand.


Traditionally, obtaining a mortgage as a foreigner in Thailand was exceedingly challenging. However, over the past ten years, this landscape has gradually shifted. Presently, many banks view extending loans to foreigners as beneficial for both the economy and their own financial interests.


While securing approval for a mortgage as a foreigner may present challenges, it is not insurmountable. Some Thai banks, along with institutions like Singaporean-based UOB and private lending companies such as MBK Group, offer options tailored for foreigners.


Foreigners may qualify for a mortgage if they meet certain criteria, including holding an official job in Thailand with a work permit valid for a year, earning a minimum income of BHT 80,000 per month, possessing a residence permit obtained through extending a long-term visa for over three consecutive years, demonstrating proficiency in the Thai language for an interview, being a taxpayer, or having a Thai citizen spouse. Additionally, borrowers must be under 60 years old upon completing mortgage payments.


However, even if a foreign resident satisfies all prerequisites, banks reserve the right to decline a loan application or request additional guarantees.

Purchasing property in Thailand is a straightforward process, and our aim is to ensure a seamless experience for you throughout. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to proceed with your property purchase in Thailand:


  1. Once you’ve identified the property you wish to purchase, we assist in negotiating the price and terms that are agreeable to both you and the seller.
  2. Upon mutual agreement, a booking fee is paid, and a reservation agreement is signed by both parties.
  3. We recommend engaging a lawyer registered in Thailand to represent your interests. We can provide you with a list of reputable lawyers, or you can refer to the official website of the Chamber of Lawyers in Thailand for recommendations. Your lawyer will conduct thorough due diligence on the property and notify you of any issues before proceeding with the contract signing.
  4. After your lawyer confirms no discrepancies with the property, we proceed with signing the final agreement and making the remaining payment.
  5. As per the contract terms, the property is transferred at the land office with the assistance of your attorney.
  6. Taxes associated with the property transfer are settled at this stage with the tax office, and the property is officially registered in your name or the name of your company.


Rest assured, we’re here to guide you through each step of the process and ensure a smooth and successful property acquisition in Thailand.”

Although it is not strictly required to use a lawyer when buying real estate in Thailand, we strongly recommend that you do so. Your lawyer will act as your advocate throughout the process, handling three key aspects: due diligence, drafting and reviewing the contract, and the legal transfer of the property to the title office. Once hired, your lawyer will be available to advise you as needed.


Can I use an attorney from my home country? This is an option, but we find it expensive. Typically, for tasks such as title searches, any translation needs and property transfers, your home country lawyer will need the assistance of a local law firm in Thailand. We are happy to provide you with a list of experienced Thailand-based attorneys who specialize in representing foreign clients in real estate transactions in order to facilitate the process and minimize costs.

Individuals interested in purchasing property in Thailand, regardless of nationality, can complete the transaction without being physically present during the registration of ownership at the Land Department. However, it is necessary to designate a power of attorney, such as a lawyer, to represent you in this matter

Transfer fee

2% of the registered value of the property

Stamp Duty

0.5% of registered value. Only payable if exempt from business tax

Withholding tax

1% of the appraised value or registered sale value of the property (whichever is higher and if the seller is a company). If the seller is an individual, withholding tax is calculated at a progressive rate based on the appraisal value of the property.

Business tax

3.3% of the appraised value or registered sale value of the property (whichever is higher). This applies to both individuals and companies.

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thailand,asia,invest or buy a villa thailand

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