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Properties For Sale in Thailand

Discover our selected properties in Thailand and contact us for more details.

Properties for Sale - Villas

Gates Asia select the best villas for sale in Thailand- for those deserving quality comfort and amenities and looking for excellent value for money.

  • In Progress

    Ko Samui, TH , TH

      8 bedroom(s)
      2,164 m²
    • 2,164 m²
    • Sea View Villas, Villa, Exclusive Collection, Pool Villas
    ฿ 190,636,600

    Phuket, TH , TH

      4 bedroom(s)
    • Vente
    • Sea View Villas, Villa, Pool Villas
    ฿ 182,000,000
  • In Progress

    Ko Samui, TH , TH

      5 bedroom(s)
      1,350 m²
    • 1,350 m²
    • 1 Storey Villas, Villa, Beach Front Villas, Exclusive Collection
    ฿ 180,238,240

    Phuket, TH , TH

      5 bedroom(s)
    • Vente
    • Sea View Villas, Villa, Pool Villas
    ฿ 175,000,000

Properties For Sale - Businesses

Discover the best hotels and resorts businesses for sale in Thailand, selected by Gates Asia real estate experts.

Properties for Sale - Lands

Browse our plots of land for sale in Thailand and start your real estate project with us.

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Top 5 reasons to buy a property in Thailand

Live in Thailand

The Land of Smiles is one of the most preferred countries to live in as an expat due to its millennial culture, its amazing food and traditions. Living in Thailand gives you the opportunity to be in the center of Southeast Asia for exceptional travels.

International Hub

Vibrant Bangkok is seen as the major Southeast Asian hub, with its growing Suvarnabhumi International Airport and all luxurious facilities and services available in this cosmopolite city.

Exceptional Heritage and Culture

Thailand is a kingdom with a millennium history and exquisite culture. Home to thousands of temples from various dynasties, as well as exceptional artwork, music, traditions and food- any foreign resident here will be amazed at how much there is to discover.

High Standards

The quality of the Bangkok condominium apartments are well-known now by many foreign investors, expats and locals. The standards are impressive in many ways, positively surprising those discovering the offer.

Excellent Return on Investment

Bangkok is a growing city with some of the highest returns on investment in the world. A combination of low prices and high demand has made it possible for investors to achieve excellent returns on their investments.

What are the best types of properties in Thailand?

The best type of properties in Thailand are those that fit your personal needs and financial goals. If you’re planning on putting down roots and building a new home, condos or townhouses might be the perfect fit for you. These properties tend to have relatively low maintenance costs and don’t require any yard work on your part. 

Besides, villas are an ideal accommodation for families and groups of friends. This makes them one of the most popular choices for people who invest and live in Thailand.

What are the best destinations to buy a property in Thailand?

The most favored cities, towns and areas to buy a property in Thailand are:

1. Bangkok – the cosmopolite capital.
2. Chiang Mai – the low-key, close-to-nature Northern city.
3. Hua Hin – the trendy beach city.
4. Phuket – the world-famous island- for villas, lands and businesses.
5. Koh Samui – the paradise island- for villas, lands and businesses.
6. Koh Phangan – the gypsy island- for villas, lands and businesses.

Why buying a property in Thailand is a good investment?

There are a lot of reasons why people invest in real estate. Some do it for investment purposes and some do it to earn profits and some do it as a hobby. Whatever the reason, investing in real estate is one of the best investments you can make.

The Thai real estate industry is booming. Thailand has a reputation as one of the most popular places for foreigners to invest in property, and the number of foreign buyers grows every year. The country’s growing economy has seen more people investing in property, particularly those looking to retire there or to generate revenues with rent.

Can foreigners buy properties in Thailand?

There are several possibilities allowing a foreigner to acquire a property in Thailand.

– The constitution of a Thai company with Thai shareholders holding the majority of the social capital called “Freehold”.

– The long term lease of the villa with a renewal clause commonly called “Leasehold”.

[+] See more details here about the possibilities

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