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Legislation in Thailand: do expatriates need a legal representative?

Posted by Gates Asia on March 5, 2024

It’s a well-known fact that, anywhere in the world, having a good lawyer is always useful, and even more so when you don’t speak the language or know the local culture.

Thailand is attracting more and more expatriates to the country because of its quality of life and safe environment. They want to build their new lives and start a family, or simply set up a business.

We hear many stories about expatriates who have wanted to buy property or set up companies in the country, but have encountered problems in the process. To avoid all this, it’s essential to consult a lawyer at the outset of the process, to avoid falling into the most obvious pitfalls. The aim is to act preventively before such problems arise.

Sometimes, without wishing to break the law, a poor knowledge of Thai legislation can lead to unintentional violations, and thus to trouble with the law. Whether for administrative matters, immigration, personal property, or simply finalizing an employment contract, every task can be simplified with the use of a quality professional.

Many law firms now have expatriate legal representatives to support their foreign clients, whether for legal representation, comprehensive assistance, estate planning, document translation or more complex arrangements. Some firms can assist expatriates with all aspects of their life in Thailand. So, with just a few precautions upstream and the advice of qualified professionals, it’s possible to guarantee the successful completion of many projects.

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