Hotel Businesses For Sale in Koh Phangan

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Our Hotel Businesses for Sale in Koh Phangan

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Top 5 reasons to buy a hotel business in Koh Phangan

Live in Thailand

Sunshine and heat represent the climate of Thailand, with seasonal rains. This country offers an interesting insight into the rich culture of Southeast Asia. Thailand is full of palaces and temples that will amaze you, when you see how grand they are.

Paradise Island Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan, a destination known for its famous Full Moon Party. A monthly meeting organized according to the calendar of the full moon on the beach of Haad Rin.

Lush Nature

Koh Phangan is a paradise for all types of visitors. From dive sites to jungle walks, from small cafes to large resorts, there is something for everyone.

High Standards

For the price of a normal house in your country you can afford some outstanding villas in Koh Samui and live a more relaxed and luxurious life.

Infrastructures and Services

Koh Phangan attracts many foreign visitors each year. Although it is a separate island from Koh Samui, both islands are highly developed and many refer to them as Samui-Koh Phangan. Many amenities bring a boom to Koh Phangan.

What are the best types of businesses to buy in Koh Phangan?

Hotels and resorts

The island of Koh Phangan is well-known for providing hotels and resorts beachfront or with amazing tropical views. Coconut Grove, Haad Rin and Thong Nai Pan are home to outstanding businesses that we have for sale.

What are the best areas to buy a hospitality business on Koh Phangan island?

Koh Phangan has beautiful scenery and a relaxed, slow pace of life that allows visitors to unwind. Many tourists and expats choose to stay on the island for extended periods of time. Outstanding hotels and resorts for sale on the island are mostly located along the West Coast from Ban Tai to Ban Chalok Lam. Had Rin is one of the most lively beaches o the island: this is where the world-famous full moon parties are located.

Why buying a hotel or resort in Koh Phangan is a good investment?

The demand for Koh Phangan real estate is at an all-time high, with the best properties on the island selling faster than ever.

Also, commercial properties are now selling at prices unheard of before. This is a great time if you are thinking of buying a hotel or resort on Koh Phangan.

Can foreigners buy a hotel business in Koh Phangan?

The Foreign Business Act makes it possible for foreigners to avoid certain requirements that would otherwise be imposed on them by providing a concession to hotel businesses with 100 rooms or more or with the minimum investment capital of not less than 500 Million baht.  Additionally, the Thai-U.S. Treaty of Amity makes it possible for U.S. nationals (including companies) to hold a majority share in Thai companies carrying on hotel business.

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